American-style bathroom - subtleties of design, photo ideas

American style bathroom design idea

An American-style bathroom is a highly functional space that reflects a person's desire for a comfortable and practical space.

American interior style was influenced by a whole range of different cultures. The formation of the style took place by merging the traditional cultures of emigrants who came to North America into a single whole.

For a long time, this style of interior was uniqueness, until it could stand out and stand out. However, today there are several varieties of this style. The features of each variety depend on which culture prevailed in the process of its formation.

In addition to the American style, there are such special varieties of it as pop art and loft.

American interior style has bright distinctive features.

American style bathroom design idea

The main features of the American style in the design of the premises are as follows:

  • layout of premises;
  • optimal arrangement of furniture;
  • minimum number of furnishings.
  • Americans, as a rule, tend to make a small number of partitions in a dwelling. This is due to the fact that people in North America do not like small and confined spaces. Most often, an American-style bathroom is a room that is combined with a toilet.

    Often, when decorating a home, Americans tend to use natural materials in the finishing process.

    bathroom design in beige colors

    An American-style bathroom is most often decorated using pink and its shades. In rare cases, blue, green or beige colors are used.

    When decorating the bathroom space in the American style, it is recommended to use both small and large ceramic tiles. When decorating bathroom floors, polyurethane skirting boards are often used. If it is necessary to install an electrical outlet in the bathroom, the socket housing is also polyurethane.

    Very often, in an American-style bathroom, you can find framed photos on the walls.

    American style bathroom design

    A distinctive feature of the American-style bathroom is the absence of a shower cubicle. Another feature of the bathroom is the absence of sharp corners. In the room, even those wall planes that divide the space into functional zones of the washbasin, shower, bath and toilet are smoothed out.

    spacious bathroom in American style

    Characteristic differences of the American style

    The American style in interior design is characterized by the desire to imitate or imitate expensive materials and the desire to combine zones of different functional purposes.

    Room zoning is carried out by arranging light partitions, niches, using a variety of lighting methods and accessories.

    bathroom interior in North American style

    In addition, zoning can be carried out using massive furniture, which is usually located in the center of the room.

    Designers recommend using expensive and high-quality materials for finishing work, but in the absence of sufficient funds, in the finishing process, you can use a material that qualitatively imitates natural finishing materials.

    On a note! A room decorated in an American style is characterized by the presence of panels made of wood or a cheaper imitation wood imitation, which is made of MDF.

    The use of materials such as marble or natural stone in the interior is a rare occasion.

    bathroom interior in light colors

    American style in interior design is characterized by the presence of arches in the room, various niches and pseudo-partitions. All these elements of the internal structure of the space allow you to visually enlarge it and make it more comfortable.

    American interiors striving for space and eclecticism can be an interesting solution when decorating a modern apartment or country house.

    small bathroom in american style

    In an American-style room, the use of mismatched furniture and cultural objects creates an impression of integration and unity.

    On a note! One of the features of the American style is the use of built-in furniture and appliances.

    Another feature of the style is the presence of a complete set of utilities.

    All plumbing elements are bathtub, taps, toilet bowl, etc. must be located and securely fixed in the places where it is required. The service life of such communications should be at least 10 years.

    American style bathroom interior

    The nuances of bathroom design in the American style

    One of the features of an American-style bathroom is to combine it with a toilet to give the common room more space.

    Americans really value coziness and comfort, which is manifested when equipping a bathroom in this style. Very often, bathroom rooms are equipped with various lamps with lampshades.

    The nuances of bathroom design in the American style

    If there is a need to divide the bathroom room into separate zones using partitions, then the following are most often used for this:

    • partitions made of glass blocks;
    • partitions in the form of deaf half-walls.
    • Laminate flooring is often used in modern American interiors for bathrooms. When choosing this finishing material, you should pay attention to the highest class laminate, which has an increased resistance to moisture.

      large bathroom in american style

      In the traditional American style, the bathroom floors are finished with marble or tiles, as for the walls, here the preference is given to such a solution as surface plastering. For further wall decoration, you can use the method of painting or installing a mosaic canvas.

      When installing a bathtub, special imagination is not required, most often this element of the interior is installed on standard legs or partially recessed into the floor.

      As a rule, an American-style bathroom has a minimum amount of furniture. The most commonly used bedside table is under the sink. In some cases, the installation of a hanging cabinet is carried out.

      bathroom decoration in light colors

      The number of washbasins is usually two.

      When decorating a bath, sliding curtains are used to separate the area for placing this element. It is better if the sliding curtains used to separate the bathtub are made with materials such as glass and plastic.

      All shut-off elements of the water supply must have a wide range of adjustment of the water supply, and the toilet cistern must be equipped with an adjustable filling system. This nuance is due to the fact that water consumption in America is strictly rationed.

      American style in the interior of the bathroom

      Bathroom details in classic American style

      Classic American style bathroom with plenty of free space. Bathroom doesn't have to be small. The entire space is subject to the requirement to create maximum comfort and functionality. When using the American classic style, great importance is attached to the issue of ergonomics.

      wooden furniture in the interior of the bathroom

      In the bathroom, several requirements must be met to ensure the correct style. These requirements are as follows:

      1. The presence in the room of specially designated places for storing various items.
      2. The location of washbasins, bath bowls and other elements should be thought out to the smallest detail. Irrational placement of these elements is not allowed.
      3. A prerequisite is the complete or, if possible, the complete absence of sharp corners. Everything in the room should be aimed at creating comfort and ensuring a high degree of security.
      4. On a note! A bathroom decorated in a traditional American style should demonstrate the respectability of the home owner.

        american interior style

        When decorating the space of the room, you should not use cheap materials. When carrying out finishing work, it is important to remember that the finished bathroom will be used for a long time, for this reason, you should not save on the quality of the finishing materials used.

        To emphasize the refined taste of the owner of the home, special decorative elements are used. When fitting into the interior of the latter, the rules of compositionality and harmony should be observed.

        great bathroom design

        A distinctive feature of the classic American style bathroom is the integration of plumbing elements into capital structures.

        Basic rules for decorating a bathroom:

        1. The practicality of materials and technology used in the decoration and equipment of the premises.
        2. Durability of materials used in finishing works.
        3. Environmentally friendly finishing materials.
        4. When decorating a bathroom in a classic American style, traditional forms of interior elements are used.

          Luxurious American style bathroom

          To add chic to the room, its walls can be papered with colonial-style wallpaper. Also, to create a special atmosphere, you can abandon the use of small-sized sconces in favor of installing original lamps with textile lampshades.