Provence style kitchen furniture: characteristics and features

beige furniture in the kitchen interior

Of course, many are interested in the question of how to choose the right furniture for the kitchen in the Provence style. It should be noted right away that this choice is not as simple as it seems to many. The thing is that this style in the interior has many nuances.

But at the same time, it is very simple, the room, decorated in accordance with the rules, always looks stylish and original. Indeed, the interior contains many interesting elements. And the furniture is always selected very comfortable and multifunctional.

Often this interior is used to decorate the kitchen. The cooking and dining area looks very cozy. The space immediately changes its appearance, there is a certain atmosphere of home, comfort and delicious grandma's pies.

Basically, the Provence style is used to decorate the kitchen area in a country house. Although it is possible to use the style in the design of the kitchen in a modern apartment.

On a note! The main thing to remember is that the style of the kitchen should intersect with the main design of the entire apartment.

large kitchen in provence style

There are certain rules that are very important to follow when decorating a Provence style kitchen. The fundamental ones are:

  • the use of light pastel shades;
  • the interior should be light and airy;
  • furniture also has a light shade, white designs are very popular;
  • a sufficient number of small decorative elements are placed in the room, which can be made of various materials;
  • textiles are selected according to certain rules, it should be very light and match in color with the main range of the room;
  • from finishing materials, natural stone or brick is most often used;
  • furniture almost always has scuffs, this effect can be created artificially.
  • These are the main nuances that are important to pay attention to when decorating a room in this style. Although many designers often make some adjustments when decorating rooms.

    wooden furniture in the interior of the kitchen

    But the most important feature is the furniture. It should be as comfortable as possible and have an original appearance. Even new designs need to be decorated in such a way as to create the feeling that the item has served for more than one hundred years. Abrasions or "peeling surfaces" are the main feature of furniture made in the Provence style.

    Provence style kitchen design idea

    Provence style sofa in the kitchen

    It is important to remind that furniture made in this style is very popular today, its assortment is quite wide.

    If the dimensions of the room allow, then you can safely install a sofa. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that such a piece of furniture creates a certain comfort and convenience. Adherents of the Provence style can also easily decide to install a Provence-style sofa in the kitchen.

    According to the color scheme, it is best to select light natural shades. Furniture must be made of natural wood. If the choice fell on furniture made of ordinary MDF or MDF, then choose a color - it should match oak, walnut, maple or chestnut.

    As for the silhouette of the furniture, sofas are almost always decorated with carvings on the back or on the sides. The legs of the structure must also have an original shape, a combination of metal forging and wood carving is acceptable.

    sofa in the kitchen in Provence style

    Even in the kitchen, the interior of which is made in this style, you can install wicker furniture. This also applies to sofas. A small wicker sofa with a soft seat is perfect for a Provence style kitchen. It can be installed near the window or directly on the balcony, if there is one.

    The use of additional pillows is also provided. They are laid out on sofas, laid on the floor near the window or along the wall. Sofa upholstery should match the color of the cushions and other textiles in the room. Better to use the same type of fabric.

    Provence style kitchen shelves

    It has already been said above that Provence kitchen furniture should be as comfortable and convenient as possible.

    Provence style kitchen shelves

    For example, wooden shelves look great in such an interior. They simultaneously play the role of comfortable and multifunctional furniture and a stylish decor element.

    The main features of such furniture are distinguished:

    • high level of practicality;
    • lightweight design - one that can be moved to any other place if necessary;
    • exclusivity.
    • Provence style kitchen shelves

      It should be noted that this product is almost always made by hand. At the same time, exclusively natural material is used for the manufacture. Whether you make a shelf with your own hands or to order, this in any case makes it possible to assert that truly exclusive furniture will appear in the kitchen. Do not forget only about the fact that it is necessary to fill the room with the atmosphere of antiquity.

      shelves in the interior of the kitchen

      Of course, wood is one of the most popular raw materials used in the production of Provence style furniture. Almost all products are made from wood. Although metal shelves are also common.

      On a note! We must not forget that all furniture must be artificially aged, this also applies to whatnots.

      This piece of furniture is used as a stand for a vase of flowers, as a shelf for books or cute things.

      But in addition to whatnots, they also use ordinary shelves that are mounted on the wall. The appearance of such structures should correspond to the main theme of the interior. Of the colors, the most common combination of turquoise with blue or pastel shades with white.

      Provence style kitchen table

      In any kitchen, it is imperative to install a dining table.  Of course, this is a key component of any kitchen interior, Provence is no exception in this regard.

      Provence style kitchen interior

      Curved legs, rectangular, round or square tabletops are considered to be a kind of visiting card of the table in the interior of Provence. Carving is also used here as a decoration.

      Expressive embossed patterns make the product sophisticated and stylish. It is very good when the relief pattern matches the carvings on the sofa or any other object.

      Also, designers resort to the effect of artificial aging of interior items. The appearance of the table with slight scuffs will only emphasize the style solution.

      beautiful kitchen in provence style

      In other words, the feeling should be created that this piece of furniture was passed on from one generation to another over the course of many centuries.

      If we talk about the configuration of the table, then the choice is great, but folding products are most often used. When assembled, it plays the role of a small table for tea drinking, and if necessary, it can be easily laid out to accommodate a friendly company or family behind it.

      The color scheme is used the same as in other interior items. For example, designs are often found in purple or in pastel shades. And the most popular option is a pure white table.

      kitchen furniture in provence style

      Provence style kitchen chairs

      Many believe that Provence style kitchen furniture in appearance is very similar to interior items that are made in the classic style, after looking at photos of similar products, it is easy to draw this conclusion.

      The only feature of the designs placed in the Provence kitchen is that they seem very old. This effect is achieved artificially. As a result, it seems that not ordinary furniture is installed in the room, but specimens from the museum or objects that keep the ancient history.

      chairs in the kitchen in the style of provence

      This rule also applies to the choice of chairs for the kitchen. The colors in which the furniture is painted overlap with the colors of other interior items. Chairs should match the color of the table.

      Can be used as wicker or ordinary wooden stools with a cushion for a comfortable seating. By the way, the upholstery of the chair must match the fabric that the sofa is upholstered with. The match should be at least in color, although it is desirable that the drawing also match.

      It should be noted that the pattern depicted on textiles should correspond to the main theme of the interior, usually a floral print.

      light blue furniture in the interior of the kitchen

      It is also permissible to use chairs that are made of metal. The back of such a product has forged parts, and the legs are slightly curved.

      In this case, the metal is painted in the color of dark steel, a feeling of slightly cracked paint is created.

      But for wood products, shades of natural varieties of wood are selected. But the effect of antiquity remains unchanged.

      light furniture in the kitchen interior

      What is important to remember when choosing furniture

      When choosing furniture for the Provence kitchen, it is very important to remember that it plays the role of not only a functional item, but at the same time an element of decor. That is why it must have an appropriate appearance that meets all the style requirements.

      On a note! It is important to remember that natural raw materials are used for the production of interior items.

      These can be certain types of wood or metal. If this is not possible, then a cheaper version of the raw material can be used, only in its appearance it must exactly match the natural wood.

      details of the kitchen interior in the style of Provence

      Today, there are many manufacturers who make such products for individual orders. They take into account all the wishes of their client and make furniture that, in appearance and size, meets the expectations of the customer.

      Almost all designs are made by hand, and they are decorated by hand. The effect of aging is necessarily achieved, as a result of which the feeling is created that the furniture keeps in itself a centuries-old history of several generations.

      Carving, relief patterns and forged parts are required. Any piece of furniture is decorated in accordance with the specified rules.

      kitchen interior in beige and white

      It is also very important to think over the lighting in the room. The room should be bright and spacious enough. On the windows, the curtains should be airy and light, with a floral print that matches the shade of the upholstery on the sofa and chairs.

      Also, we must not forget about the availability of a sufficient number of fresh flowers. Vases are placed throughout the room, on a bookcase, on shelves.

      light green furniture in the interior of the kitchen

      For wall decoration, natural stone or tiles that imitate it are used. Choose a wall decoration material that is easy to paint. Usually the walls are a light shade of white, light purple or blue.

      In order for the result of the undertaken repair to be as positive as possible, it is better to consult with an experienced designer in advance and adhere to all the advice that he will give. Then the result will be correct, and the kitchen will look like a stylish and original room.


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