Update the interior without repair | TOP-10 Lifehacks (ideas, photos)

You can update your home interior without renovation in different ways - the main thing is to be creative.

The desire to quickly get an updated interior more often arises if the old environment causes irritation. It is not always possible to make major repairs, but even with slight cosmetic changes, it is possible to create a comfortable spiritual atmosphere.

A suitable method is selected from the proposed options or several methods are combined. Either approach will be impressive. In this article we will talk about how to update the interior without renovation, using original ideas and design solutions.



To perform, you should allocate a whole day off, since you will need a serious deep cleaning of your own home.

  1. They start by revising things in wardrobes, storage rooms, dressing rooms. Ruthlessly bagging and throwing away or giving to people in need things that have not been worn for the last 2-3 years.
  2. Then, utensils, various souvenirs, printed materials, obsolete household appliances and accessories are subject to revisions.
General cleaning of the apartment is the first and easiest step to transforming your home

It is necessary to get rid of items with cracks, chips, broken parts. Leaves only valuable, antiques, heirlooms, which, if necessary, should be restored or put into closed storage boxes. Be sure to wash all cabinets inside and out. At the final stage, the floor is washed to shine, carpets and rugs are cleaned.


When cleaning an apartment, it is important to pay attention to every little thing.




Pasting wallpaper

To add fresh notes, it is enough to replace the wallpaper on one wall or even part of it. This does not require a lot of time and financial investments, and the result will be quite decent.

Usually, a new color scheme is selected in a contrasting solution in relation to the dominant tone of the walls. It turns out a bright accent, but in the future it should be supported by a variety of decorative details. By the way, this technique is useful if you need to select a functional area in the room, for example, a fireplace, for relaxation or a green corner.


Correctly selected wallpapers will delight you for years


Painting the walls



It is not difficult to change the overall mood of a room if the wall surfaces were originally finished for painting. As in the previous version, you can add a new color shade to a specific area of ​​the wall planes. They select it taking into account the color combinations available in the room.

The trend of recent years has been the asymmetry and dynamics of geometric shapes. If the walls are painted in a light tone, then you can independently develop an abstract composition scheme and execute it on a specific wall next to, for example, with a fireplace. There are many options, so there is scope for creative self-realization.


Painting walls is easy and fun for the whole family




Using wall stickers and decals

Interior stickers, the so-called stickers, will significantly save time when decorating a monochrome wall. They are selected in accordance with their own preferences, focusing on the prevailing style of the room.

Also, the storyline will depend on the functionality of the room. Another undoubted advantage of stickers is the ability with their help to mask small defects on the wall.


Volumetric 3D sticker on the entrance door will update the interior of the hallway




Painting the old floor

Renovating an old wooden floor or buying a new linoleum for many families is quite a costly action. However, you can renew the floor covering literally in one day, if you cover it with a paint that is resistant to external influences, choosing a color that is fashionable and in harmony with the rest of the environment.

You can get creative and create geometric, floral or abstract patterns on the floor. For this purpose, it is necessary to first develop a scheme, then prepare stencils in real size. First, the entire floor is painted in a basic tone, allowed to dry, and then an ornament or pattern is applied through a stencil.


Do-it-yourself beautiful and spectacular transformation of the old floor




Lighting replacement

The purchase of a new chandelier, of course, will bring some interesting novelty to the room, but in general, the perception does not change much.

The room will look differently, if, for example, centralized lighting is changed to spotlights. You can immediately think over zoning methods with the allocation of specific functional corners. Increasingly, LED strips are mounted around the perimeter of paintings, in bookcases, under flower pots, behind floor skirting boards.


Original ideas for the use of LED lighting in the interior




Rearrangement of furniture

Rearranging furniture is an absolutely inexpensive method to change the boring environment in the room. This option allows you to solve the problem of not only creating a new atmosphere, but also increasing coziness, comfort, functionality.

It is recommended that you first draw a plan of the room on a sheet of paper or in a computer on an exact scale and develop several options for arranging furniture. This will allow you to find the most optimal solution.


Correct arrangement of furniture is the key to a harmonious interior




Ceiling painting

When decorating ceilings, a universal white color is traditionally selected. However, among the design developments of recent years, ideas for the color scheme of the ceiling surface are often heard.

If you are tempted to renovate an apartment, focusing on a colored ceiling, you need to analyze the various options in photographs of such interiors, which can be easily found on the Internet.

Important! The selected color scheme should not be too dark or saturated. It is worth giving preference to pastel shades. If you have the skills to work with stencils, you can additionally decorate the ceiling by decorating some of its sections with graceful drawings.


Light walls and ceilings look great against brickwork.




Restoration of old furniture

If, over the years, a furniture set in an apartment has formed from scattered objects, then it is worth combining them into a single composition, painting them in a color suitable for the interior.

The facades are inspected. If necessary, the detected chips and cracks are putty. After drying, the surfaces are sanded, degreased and started to be painted. To get a high-quality and uniform finish, use paint in spray cans.


You can restore old furniture for any interior




Decorating tiles

Ceramic tiles, which are most often used to decorate a kitchen backsplash or walls in, can be updated by painting in a different color.

If the initial coating is of high quality, monochromatic, does not have chips or damage, it is enough to apply a pattern on it using a stencil. Decorate both all tiles and individual fragments, depending on the intended end result.


And finally, a few more "tasty" options for updating the interior :

  • They buy small elegant decorative frames and decorate them with sockets with switches.
  • On the cabinet doors, mirrors are fixed in simple wooden frames, which are painted to match the furniture facade.
  • Open wires are wrapped with suede ribbons of the same color.
  • All flower pots are painted golden or silver.

There are many options. Don't be afraid to experiment. Even a small decorative innovation in your favorite apartment will cheer you up for a long time.