Diy alpine slide: scheme, care, step by step photo

Alpine slide with stones (photo)

Surprisingly, stones in combination with water and greenery create an atmosphere of tranquility and attract both romantics and serious people. With the right approach, you can build a whole paradise on your own site, where a do-it-yourself alpine slide will become a favorite vacation spot and the main advantage of the owners.



Where to correctly place an alpine slide on the site

It is advisable to set aside an elevated section of the courtyard, where there are no trees and bushes, under the future alpine hill. If it is located in a lowland with close groundwater, then a drainage system will need to be laid.

Important! The view of the rock garden should be free from different corners, since over time it will become the main decoration of the landscape.

When planning and organizing an alpine slide in your country house, it is important that it harmoniously fit into the overall landscape design of the site

If the site already has an artificial pond, a small fountain or waterfall, then it makes sense to maximize creative imagination and create several sketches, considering options for integrating these devices with stone structures.

Alpine slide with an artificial waterfall (photo)

Preparatory work

  1. Having determined the required dimensions of the rock garden and its configuration according to the scheme, a marking should be made on the territory for the foundation pit, the area of ​​which may be slightly larger than the future structure.
  2. Then it is necessary to remove and separate the fertile soil layer, then dig a pit to a depth of 80 cm.
Pit for an alpine slide.  Usually it is dug to a depth of 0.6 to 1 m.

The bottom must be carefully leveled, compacted and covered with a thirty-centimeter pillow from any materials available to you, most often they are used - gravel or brick battle. But for the preparation of such a pillow, rubble or construction waste is quite suitable.


How to make an alpine slide with your own hands

You do not need to rely on your own improvisational abilities when laying out the main structural elements of the future slide. It is advisable to develop a scheme in advance and carry out work in accordance with it.

First of all, larger boulders are installed around the perimeter, they need to be buried in the ground by more than half - the fulfillment of this condition will ensure the stability of the entire structure. You can fix the stones using a cement-sand mortar.

DIY alpine slide - setting stones

Setting stones

  1. Decorative paving slabs will look beautiful and interesting if they are laid out in the form of a path along the entire perimeter of the structure.
  2. Smaller stones will serve as the second row. You can do several tiers, each of which will rise slightly above the previous one - this is regulated by the height of the previously poured slide.
  3. The gaps between the stones must be done in accordance with the scheme. If necessary, additional soil mixture can be added to them, into which the plants are planted.
Installation of stones in the ground is carried out after its complete shrinkage

Alpine slide stones: features of the right choice

To find the right stones for a rock garden, it is important to know a few key criteria:

  • They should not be porous and brittle.
  • Avoid using round or overly angled boulders.
  • Also, stones of different breeds or colors do not make up a harmonious composition.

Experts in the field of landscape design advise first to plant dwarf conifers of the flora, which will form the compositional basis. The rest of the plants are selected undersized so that they do not fill the entire space and do not cover the stone elements.

Planting plants in the ground

DIY Alpine Slide Tips

  • Having planted plants, the soil around them can be mulched with small pebbles. The originality of the entire planting will be added by mosses and low grasses.
  • To add attractiveness to the garden structure, it is recommended to place fescue, rejuvenation, sedum in the rock garden.
  • To create bright spots in the composition, you can plant low-growing bulbous crocuses or tulips in separate groups.

It is important to select perennial plant forms with different flowering periods in order to provide a decorative image of the alpine slide until late autumn.

Alpine slide in the country is the perfect tandem of beauty, style, celebration and pomp of landscape design

Necessary care of the alpine slide

  • An alpine slide in the country is a decorative decoration of the site, consisting of stones, plants and flowers. Exposure to direct sunlight, wind, increased moisture often negatively affects the latter, therefore, the rock garden needs special care.

How to care for an alpine slide

  • Plants need watering, as needed, it is best to do this from a watering can, but it is impractical to use a hose so as not to cause the soil to wash out.
  • After heavy and prolonged rains, the soil can be covered with fresh soil, and regularly check the stability of the stones and immediately take measures to strengthen them.
  • You need to feed the plantings no more than once a month, so as not to force their excessive growth.
  • Remove dry leaves, inflorescences, weeds in a timely manner - this way you will keep the fresh look of the rock garden and prolong the life of your favorite plants.

Advice! You can dig in an artificial plastic mini pond, which will look great in the composition. An interesting effect in it will be given by the cascade movement of the liquid, for which a pump is provided that pumps water from the lower reservoir to the upper one.

Having a beautiful rock garden in the yard is the dream of any housewife

Output! There can be many options for organizing an alpine slide with your own hands, and any of them will add charm to a summer cottage or house area.

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