Design a child's room for a boy | Ideas (+25 photos)

Space-style nursery interior

A children's room for a boy is simply obliged to obey modern design ideas and be as comfortable as possible. Boys will be pleased to be in a room where there are non-standard shapes and high technologies.

It is necessary to decorate the interior of the room depending on the age of the boy. The premises in which a 2-year-old and a 10-year-old child will spend time should be significantly different. This applies to the color palette, style, furniture models and accessories.


Children's room for toddlers

A child under 3 years old does not yet have permanent preferences and preferences, so there is no need to maintain a room in a certain style.

When designing a children's room for boys of this age category, it is important to choose natural materials made in light or bright colors. It will also be pleasant for crumbs to be in a room in which there are pictures or drawings with their favorite characters.

It is very important that the interior of a children's room for children from 1 to 3 years old has the following characteristics:

  • The predominance of light colors;
  • The presence of bright details;
  • Free space for outdoor games;
  • Safe and high quality furniture;
  • A feeling of comfort, harmony and security.
Modern design of a children's room
Eco-style children's room
Beautiful nursery in the style of minimalism

A set of furniture for a room with small children

  • Comfortable bed, matched to the height and age of the baby;
  • Shelves with books and toys;
  • Lockers for clothes;
  • Small table for educational activities.

In addition to all of the above, it is necessary to provide and provide space for active games; such an area can be distinguished by a carpet with a soft pile.

An equally important criterion when choosing a color palette is the level of natural light in the room. For a sunny room, cold colors are best - blue, white, blue. If the room is shaded, a combination of brown with yellow and milky is a good choice.

Brutal loft-style guitar room
Beautiful white wallpaper with black letters will be a great addition to your workplace


Natural wood is undoubtedly a material for making children's furniture.




Thematic design of a children's room for a boy

Basically, the thematic decoration of a children's room for a boy this year is represented by the following design ideas:

  • Cartoon characters;
  • Race tracks;
  • Treasures and Tropical Islands;
  • Motorcycles;
  • Pirate ships, sailing ships;
  • Cars;
  • Superheroes.

To perform one of the above options, it is enough to glue the wallpaper or choose textiles with appropriate patterns.

Interesting design of a children's room for a young car enthusiast
A successful combination of blue, white and red in the interior of a children's room

Very often boys are carried away by stories about pirates. In this case, parents can make the room in a nautical style.

To do this, one of the walls can be pasted over with a photo wallpaper depicting a geographic map, a clock in the form of a steering wheel can be hung on the other side, and a chest "padded with iron" will serve as a place to store things.

Advice! When choosing a marine style, give preference to using three colors - gray, blue and white.

Amazingly beautiful room of a teenage boy in a marine style
In good natural light, cool blues will look more cozy
Children's bed in the form of a boat is the dream of any boy

Whatever the design of a child's room for a boy, the main thing is that the child is comfortable and cozy in it. We hope that our ideas, tips and photos will help you create the perfect interior for your baby.