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The interior design of a modern living room - each of us sees it in his own way, someone clearly and clearly, someone on the contrary - very vaguely. In any case, it is much easier to competently equip a living room if you know how to systematically solve this problem.

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Why is the design of a modern living room considered difficult?

The interior view of a room is called its interior (decoration). In other words, it is a set of various items, ranging from furniture to various accessories, which are located in a certain way in a space bounded on all sides by walls, ceiling and floor.

It should be understood that the main enemy of room decoration is boring facelessness, which does not reflect the owner's inner world, is not a mirror of his soul. This is especially important for a living room in a modern style, because the general atmosphere of the main room sets the mood for the entire home.


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Today, on the topic of "decorating a living room in a modern style" on the Internet, you can easily find a huge amount of the most diverse material, ideas, photos. But, oddly enough, this does not always form a clear idea of ​​what needs to be done.

Most often, information is presented in the form of numerous specific examples, comparisons, recommendations, photographs, but practically nowhere is it said about the principles of design, about the method of work. The point is not even that specialists do not want to reveal professional secrets, although this is often the case.

The main reason lies in the problematic nature of the popular presentation of a fairly voluminous and interrelated field of knowledge. Despite this, we will still try to explain it as simply as possible for people without professional training, using the example of creating a design for a modern living room.


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Interior design project of a modern living room (photo)

The largest room is most often assigned to the living room, in which both the inhabitants of the apartment and the guests have the right to be. For this reason, the premises are decorated with great care, trying to give it not only an effective, but also an exclusive look, but this is not always the case. It so happens that the owner spared no money, used the highest quality and most expensive materials, furniture, textiles, and as a result got a boring standard room, and maybe even worse - an absurd heap of expensive items.

To avoid such troubles, the material embodiment of design ideas must begin with the creation of a specific plan in the form of a drawing, sketch or even a layout. Why is it so important?

You will be able to finally clarify your desires and see the final result even before starting work.

The design project of the living room in a modern style protects in the future from erroneous steps and senseless throwing, which increase the cost of work. In the process of its creation, various layouts, finishing materials, colors, etc. are modeled and finally selected.

You can accurately select the necessary furniture and equipment.

Having the final version of the project, it is not difficult to calculate the amount of required materials and draw up a detailed cost estimate.


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You can approach the creation of a project from different angles.

For example, stick to this sequence:

  • The layout of the premises.
  • Determination of the style solution.
  • Choice of color schemes.
  • Lighting design.
  • Final filling with details.

Layout of a modern living room

The principles of hall planning are universal. They do not depend on the size of the room or the style of decoration. The base of the main room is the seating area. She can take up all the space, but she can also share it with the dining room, work or sleeping place, library, etc.


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Undoubtedly, the planning of a multifunctional space is a more laborious task, but one should not be afraid of this. If you follow the zoning rules, you can get a stylish and harmonious decoration.

The essence of the layout is as follows:

  • the whole space is divided into functional areas;
  • in each zone the main object is defined. Depending on the semantic load, it can be a sofa, a dining room, a computer, a bookcase, etc .;
  • then everything is built around these objects, as if complementing them.

Advice! You can get away from the standard, give the room an individual character by highlighting a decorative dominant. It should be one, but a large and effective object, whose voice is the loudest among the rest of the environment.


Minimalist techniques are often adopted when solving the problems of decorating small rooms. In such cases, the main efforts of the designer are aimed at visually enlarging the room and correctly placing the furniture. Subject to certain rules for arranging small rooms, both tasks are quite solvable.


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Gorgeous interiors can also be obtained by synthesizing various trends. Such a "cocktail" a few decades ago stood out in an independent manner called "fusion". He can simultaneously absorb elements of both classics, and minimalism, and high-tech, and other styles, but in the end it should get a complete picture. Here you cannot do without the maximum sense of proportion and taste.


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Influence of color and light on the design of a modern living room

The choice of color and light solutions must be treated with great care. They can drastically change the mood of a room.

The main rule of living room lighting is that the light should not be discordant with the main color. Warm colors will not get along with cold lighting, and warm light in the vicinity of cool colors becomes dull and dull.


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Artificial lighting can be very diverse. Along with the main chandelier, local lighting in the form of ceiling lamps may be appropriate. When installing multi-level ceilings, central lighting is often excluded, leaving groups of spotlights and diffused light at the ends of the levels or along the edges of the ceiling. The main room can be very decorated with decorative lights, for example, in the niches of the walls and at the ends of the podiums.